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As a BC licensed mortgage broker, CFA and CPA, I have unique skills to assist with your mortgage financing that take your full financial picture into account. My office is located in South-Surrey White Rock though I can assist clients anywhere in BC. Contact Me

Mortgage Options

Having access to more mortgage lenders and mortgage products lets me source the best mortgage solution for you. Your bank or credit union has only its own mortgage products and mortgage rates to offer. I have access to the mortgage rates and products from over 40 Mortgage Lenders.  Rate is part of the picture, but there are many aspects to ensure finding that right fit for your specific mortgage needs.  Download my interactive Mobile App 

Every Client is Unique

Whether you're a first time home buyer, a self-employed professional, new to Canada, renewing your mortgage, refinancing, buying a vacation or rental property, or just looking for ways to pay off your mortgage earlier, I work to find the right lender and mortgage product for your circumstances.

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Paid by the Lender, Not You

Residential mortgage brokers are typically paid by the mortgage lender, except for specialty, private or commercial financing.

How I Can Save You Money

Mortgage Brokers are Licensed

As a Mortgage Broker, I am licensed in BC, and all mortgage business I carry out is governed by rules ensuring mortgage advice that clients receive suits the client's needs. Licensing is not required of mortgage representatives in banks and credit unions.

A Growing Trend

In Canada,1 in 4 mortgage borrowers are using the service of a mortgage broker, and almost 1 in 3 in BC. Our clients include: working families, professionals, retirees, first time buyers, self-employed clients, buyers of rental & vacation properties, new immigrants, and clients who are refinancing or renewing their mortgages. Anyone who wants to be sure they are getting the best mortgage product and mortgage rate for their situation, is now using a mortgage broker. Contact Me